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Day 1

Dear Reader,
I would like to welcome you to my journey where I plan to change my life forever. I have tried every diet and workout plan available to me and although some have shown progress, nothing has worked long-term. Every program I have tried has had a plateau that seems to last for weeks at a time or the pounds come back (and more) at the slightest of adjustments to the program. Plateaus are part of losing weight. I think we all can understand this. As my body acclimates to the diet my progress will start to slow and pounds will become more and more difficult to lose. Then I get tired of putting forth the effort to stick to a diet and have no return for my work and as a result, I begin to lower my caloric intake. Then I usually see another week or two pounds lost and before I realize it I begin to starve myself until one day I lose control and binge for a day (or two) and the pounds seem to come back in an instant. This is extremely frustrating cycle and it causes me to quit each program and go back to my “old” lifestyle. 
My name is not important. I am far too self-conscious to disclose my name or my location. A friend of mine once referred to me as John, saying that I was a kind soul and that name fits me better than my own so if you choose to call me John I would not object to that. I am in the USA but I will not go any further than that. I’m sure that over the course of these next few weeks I will disclose information that will help you track down my whereabouts more. I am 23 years old and am currently 355 pounds. I want to get down to 215 as my goal weight. Considering the fact that I am only 5’8.5″ I feel this is more than reasonable (my doctor has told me that 185 is where he’d ideally like to see me but he lives in a dreamworld). Because of illness, lack of exercise, and extremely poor nutrition I have grown to be a 350+ pound man in 4 short years. Because of my illness I gained the first 120 pounds in roughly the first 15 months and it has tapered off and stayed around 350 for the last 2 years.
With the help of countless books and the Internet I have designed a program for myself that I feel is effective and adapted to fit my lifestyle. I have tried many different workout programs and the one that seemed to work best (for me) is the Body-For-Life Program designed by Bill Phillips. So I have taken that aspects from that program and “molded” it around what I am comfortable with. Also, I have been writing down the food I consume everyday for the last 2 weeks. By analyzing that data I now understand the times of the day that I am “weak” to cheating on my diet and the foods I crave in times of gluttony. I like to bing at night so after 7pm I will limit myself to only celery and pickles hoping these water-based foods will help curb my late night hunger and take the edge off just enough to fall asleep without the need for food. I also got rid of all junk food in my apartment. I have a roommate that has a lot of junk food but I don’t think it will be a temptation since it’s not my food (I hope). I am making this program 16 weeks (in duration) and to get to my goal weight of 215 pounds by then I need to average 8.75 pounds (lost) each week. 
(I will post my program in a separate post so it can stand alone)
I was once told that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit, but only 7 days to make a habit. So each week I want to focus on 1-3 new habits to add to my life.
Here are my Week 1 Goals:
-Lose 15 pounds.
-Average 7 hours of sleep each night.
-Do not eat after 7pm.
I am writing this to the Internet looking for motivation. The more people read this and comment, the more I become responsible for losing the weight and documenting my progress. Keep me accountable by checking and commenting daily and please send any questions and comments to FattyTellsAll@yahoo.com